BulletScan M40

Scan Shoeboxes Full of Photos Quickly and Easily
The BulletScan M40 Photo Scanner is for the person who needs to quickly convert photos or paper files to digital files anywhere. Ideal for archiving those family photos or reliving your favorite memories, the BulletScan M40 helps you bring your favorite photos into the digital age where they can be easily stored, found, viewed and shared with others.  A great gift for grandparents!

Easy to Use and Fast Too
Images are automatically cropped and straightened without any software to install. You can scan a 4” x 6” photo at 300dpi in color in under 7 seconds.

No PC Required
Offering the ultimate in portability, the BulletScan M40 automatically scans photos directly to USB Flash drive, SD or MicroSD card – there is no PC required in order to capture your photos digitally

Scan Receipts and Business Cards into your BlackBerry
The BulletScan M40 handles more than just photos. Instantly convert receipts, business cards, checks and ID cards to digital files where they can be organized, stored and shared. The M40 has an SD port and includes a MicroSD card adapter, so scanned images saved to MicroSD card can be transferred to your BlackBerry or any other Smartphone that supports SD or MicroSD cards.

Transfer Saved Images to PC, Mac, Digital Frames and More
The BulletScan M40 is platform independent. Scanned images saved to the USB Flash Drive or SD or MicroSD card can be transferred to any USB, SD or MicroSD compatible device including Windows PCs, Macs, digital photo frames, cameras, or smartphones.

You Can Take it With You
The BulletScan M40 measures 7” x 3” x 2” and weighs less than 5 ounces.

The BulletScan M40 is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty upon product registration and is supported by our U.S.-based technical support and customer service teams.